Puppy FAQs

What kind of vaccines will my puppy have? I start the neopar vaccine at 5 weeks, neovac da2 at 6 weeks, neopar at 7 weeks, then 5 way at 8 weeks. I also offer canine flu bivalent and kennel cough vaccine if desired. Canine flu and kennel cough vaccine decisions are based on lifestyle of your puppy.

Do you have some resources for puppies? Sure do.

What else will my puppy have at pick up?

  • Puppy Culture protocol training
  • Litter trained (most of the time). At 8 weeks, they are going in the litter box 95% of the time.
  • Crate conditioned started
  • Clicker started
  • AKC registration (limited) that includes 30 days of pet insurance
  • microchip
  • Age appropriate vaccines (neopar, neovac da2, and one round of 5 way vaccination)
  • If desired, kennel cough vaccine
  • If desired, canine flu bivalent vaccine
  • 30 days of Trupanion pet insurance
  • Lowchen puppies will have OFA CAER eye exams prior to pick up.

What kind of name will my puppy have? We call most puppies some type of fun nickname, but they will transition to whatever you want to call them pretty easily. You will get to select your puppy’s registered name based on the litter theme with the prefix of Roman Reign.

Where are you located? We are in Minnesota, previously from Austin, TX. We moved for my day job. All litters are raised in Minnesota.

What is a call name? What you would call your dog.

What is Clicker Started? Puppies are exposed to the sound of the clicker. At the started level, they will understand that the sound of the clicker is associated to good things.

What kind of litter does my puppy use to relieve him/herself? I use horse pellets that are commonly found at feed and farm stores. It is very easy to transition the puppies over from the pellets to grass. The Marth brand disintegrates with moisture.

What kind of health guarantees does my puppy have? All puppies come with a 3 day full refund for any reason, and all puppies will be healthy at the time of transfer. All puppies come from health tested parents.

Do you recommend health insurance? I currently do not. However, if I did, I would select Embrace. I do have an article about insurance to help you think about the possible costs associated with owning a dog.

What are your favorite crates? I generally recommend size 42 inch or 48 inch Midwest wire crates for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. Lowchens do well in 24 inch crates. For airline travel in cargo, I highly recommend the Sky Kennel brands in sizes 28 inch for Lowchens, and the 40 inch or 48 inch for Greater Swiss.

What about those fancy crates? I love both East Coast Crates and Impact Crates. They are both quality products that will last a lifetime. East Coast Crates often has show discounts and Impact Crate has Black Friday sales. I can help you plan your purchase if you wish.

Other products I recommend:

Nature’s Farmacy Complete is my favorite joint and wellness supplement.

Red Dingo Dog Tags for Greater Swiss

Gas-x strips.

Zymox ear cleaner and preventative products

Lavender 256 Disinfectant Concentrate

Choco Nose Water Bottles for Lowchens

Primo Pads (crate pads)

Mes Amis Collars for every day wear.

K9 Competition Keratin and Silver lines for Lowchens in show coat

Chris Christensen slicker, pin, breezy brushes, and buttercombs

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizer / enzymatic cleaner

Building Blocks for Performance by Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby

Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor

Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas

Control Unleashed:Creating a Focused & Confident Dog by Leslie McDevitt

Structure in Action by Pat Hastings

Tricks of the Trade by Pat Hastings

Developing Jumping Skills for Awesome Agility Dogs by Linda Mecklenburg

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell

Water Work, Water Play by Judi Adler

Get $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s, my favorite dog show and work shoe!

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