Service Dog Prospects

Our passion for Service Dog training started nearly two decades ago with experience working with three different service dog organizations in various capacities. We currently have a few Greater Swiss service dog prospects in training from Roman Reign litters. Applications for placement for these prospects will not be accepted until a later date.

While these prospects are in training, they are learning the foundations of a working relationship and basic commands needed for service work.

*In general, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are NOT an ideal breed for service work. Though, their larger size and history of pulling carts lends themselves to being physically built for mobility work. They are a sentinel breed that can make them difficult to use for public access. However, there are individual Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs that can be very successful service dogs. Identifying those individual Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies that may be ideal for service work is a highly involved task. *With that said, we have seen successful Greater Swiss Service Dogs.

*Lowchens can make wonderful service dogs, particularly medical alert, because they are extremely attuned to their humans, great problem solvers, and quite biddable. Their small size, robust health, and non-shedding qualities make them an ideal candidate for many non-mobility tasks.

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