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This recipe came out of the need to use a honey dew melon and a water melon in a week.  Aqua Fresca is a popular in Texas, and the concept is very simple.  Liquidify fruit, and add a healthy dosing of booze.  This drink is healthful, refreshing, and incredibly easy to make.  The fruits used are typically melons, but the addition of strawberries or whole cherries would be nice as well.  I used Vodka and Orange liqueur for this particular batch.  Enjoy safely.  The danger of tipsy aqua fresca is that it doesn't taste at all alcoholic.  I also did not find the need to add more sugar.  The natural sugar from the melons was perfectly sweet. 


  • 1 whole honeydew melon
  • 1/2 large water melon, seeded
  • 1/2 cup vodka, I used Titos
  • 1/4 orange liqueur, such as Paula's Orange

Traditionally, the melon is supposed to be mashed with a fork, but I used a food processor.  Process all the melon sans seeds.  Add booze. All done.  You can add less booze or more booze. I found that this amount got me pretty happy with a 4 oz serving. 



No need to really chop.

Melons pre-mix.