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Correct Harnessing and Hitching

Some of our Mantras – stuff we live by.

Dick’s Page – We love our mentor.  We still miss him. 

So you think you want a dog?  – because getting a dog is a big deal. 

Working Dog Handout – drafting and weight pull – PDF

The Consequences of Not Socializing your Dog


Austin Dog Friendly – Hotels, Events, Restaurants, Parks, and Retail

Nature and Nurture

Bryan/College Station Dog Friendly – Stuff to do in B/CS

Crash Course Weight Pull – learn the basics, fast!

OFA vs. PennHip – Hip Dysplasia Information

Meet Maggie, the 20 year old Beagle  

Raw or Barf Diet – with recipes for ear cleaner, satin balls, veggie mix, and grow hair on a door knob

Training Blurbs

The Hybrid Vigor Myth – Don’t be duped by the designer dog marketing scam.

How to find a good dog trainer – everyone needs a trainer

How to Treat Hot Spots

How NOT to Socialize

How to Research Dog Show Judges

How to Make a Wicket to Measure your Dog

Compounding Supplements and Medications at Home

How to Make a Bloat Kit

How to Transport a Puppy

Is my Swissy overweight?

How Restaurants can Impress Patrons with Service Dogs

Memorial Ideas

Insights from Christine Zink, PhD, DVM



Equipment and Training

WorkingK9, previously Alaskan Dream – Weight pull harnesses

Shertom Kennel – Herding Ranch in Central Texas

Learn about Buddy and Dick Shumer, our trainer – we’d be hopeless without him.

Agile Pooches Pack Review – Guide to buying a pack

Krafty K9, Houston, TX – this is where we go

Michael Starn – Old Dominion Buggy Works – absolutely stunning carts 540-439-8091


Recommended Readings:

Breeding and Breeders – in no particular order

Seneca Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs – Vesta’s breeder – we care about our health

New* So you think you want a dog?  – because getting a dog is a big deal. 


Clubs and Working Groups

Wet Dog

Texas Working Dog Association – yahoo group

International Weight Pull Association – all breed weight pull

GSMDCA Ways and Means

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America

Newfoundland Club of America

The Lowchen Club of America

Pet Partners – Formerly Delta therapy dog

Lone Star Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Old West Newfoundland Club

Southbound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club

BVKC – Brazos Valley Kennel Club

SNIP – Spay and Neuter Incentive Program


Info sites, Rescues, and Fun stuff

Texas Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Facebook Community

Austin Dog Friendly

Austin Dog Events

Austin Dog Rescues

All the Swissies Sites you ever wanted

Woodhaven Labs – excellent source for all those dog questions. – this site has information on almost everything.  4 stars!  

Brazos Valley Dobie Rescue

Meeker Wines

The City Theatre in Austin, TX

The REPTILE HOSPICE and SANCTUARY of TEXAS – I love snakes and turtles too.

4M Horse Training


Purchasing FAQ’s:

What type of payments do you accept? 

Roman Reign accepts checks, money orders, and PayPal (with 3% fee) for working equipment.  Checks MUST be made out to Jennie Chen.  Email to place your order. All proceeds from working equipment go to support local working dog events. 

Why is there no automatic checkout option? 

Orders will not be processed until we have received your specifications.  Though we have standard sizes on our equipment, we’d still prefer to have contact with customers prior to construction.

Why are there different prices for different options?  

All carts of made to your specs.   Materials, painting, and labor will differ greatly.  Also, you may order plain carts and decorate yourself.  If you want to order, please contact us, and we can give you a quote.

Carts and Harnesses are not returnable as they are custom made to your specs. Please allow 4-5 weeks for production for carts, harnesses, and draft course.  Roman Reign is always available to assist you if you have questions about the equipment or training.  Production can be as quick as same day, however, this is subject to availability. 

How do I contact Roman Reign? 

Email –  If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, then your email got lost in cyberspace.  Don’t hesitate to call or email. :o)  Do NOT contact me asking for a puppy without doing your research thoroughly first.  Start with this page and this page.

Cell – 512-981-SNAP (7627)

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Bryan/College Station Friendly List

Training Videos

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Working Dog Activities


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    Water Rescue

    Harnessing and Hitching manual and photos

    How to make training shafts and a cart

Surviving Parvo – How my vaccinated dog survived.
Photo Gallery 1 – From June 2002 to June 08

Photo Gallery 2 – Pictures from June 08- Present

2009 OWNC Pictures

2009 SouthBound GSMD pictures

Articles and Links



    Food Pics

    Food Pics 2

    Cupcake Smackdown1.0

Austin Drive Clean

 Hypermiling with Houston’s KPRC’s Amy Davis  – The Honda CRV Challenge

    48-Contiguous State World Record Fuel Economy Attempt

    48-State Tracking

    Jennie on News 8 Austin

    Statesman’s Green Blog

    48-State Pictures


Jennie’s Personal Page

   Ice and Slalom Skating

    Ankle Ligament Repair



    Fast Car Photos

    How to Survive Anaphylaxis shock

    How to Survive Anaphylaxis Part 2

    Sky Diving!

    Jennie donates to Locks of Love

    Ignite Austin #1

    Customized Otterbox Defender for iPhone

    How to Treat Jellyfish Stings


Chenergy Consulting

Keep Austin Dog Friendly

Canine Draft Work

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