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Keep Austin Dog Friendly is an educational and informational not for profit service. Your contribution offsets the costs of hosting, smart phone app development, promotional materials, and the costs of sponsoring events. Thank you so much in Keeping Austin Dog Friendly. Donations are not tax deductible.

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Keeping Austin Dog Friendly by promoting Responsible Dog ownership.....



  • As seen in Dog Fancy Magazine....


In the last few years, there has been a trend towards more restrictive dog ownership requirements include but not limited to the banning of dogs from public locations, fewer off-leash parks, more breed specific legislation and bans.  As dog owners, we should all take dog ownership seriously by providing proper vet care for our pets, making sure that our pets are given proper nutrition, making sure are pets are well-behaved and friendly, and taking the initiative to educate ourselves on all manners dog. 


In an effort to maintain Austin's Dog Friendly (and Weird) environment, I'm proposing a campaign.  The Austin Dog Friendly Campaign is aimed at increasing awareness for responsible dog ownership, and therefore showing the public that dogs are indeed worthy of the privilege of enjoying Austin's finest restaurants and retail shops.  The mission is to increase awareness and providing a network of facilities that are geared towards providing owners with the resources to be responsible.  I could write a 5,000 word thesis on the the Social Psychology of awareness, but I digress. 


ALL Proceeds from the tee-shirts and magnets will go towards providing Austin Dog Friendly Establishments with supplies to remain dog friendly. 


Step 1: Fundraising and Awareness - Saturate the Austin Dog Community with car magnets and tee shirts (because people can't help but to read what is on your shirt). 


 The Magnet: $5 each.  $1 shipping per magnet.    



Tee Shirt -$15 each, $4 shipping per order.  Pic coming soon!


Step 2: Develop a Keep Austin Dog Friendly logo for promotional items.


 Step 3: Provide local dog friendly businesses with items to help them stay dog friendly. Items we're considering:

  • Water bowls

  • Pick up baggies

  • Promotional stickers

  • Treat Jars and Cookies

  • Nature's Miracle for indoor retail stores

  • Keep Austin Dog Friendly signage

  • Canine Hitches for patio areas

  • Austin Dog Friendly Mints (for the humans)

Keep Austin Dog Friendly Tee shirt - back

Copyright 2002-2009 Jennie Chen, M. S. All images and articles are copyrighted.  Unauthorized use is strictly Prohibited.