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Roman Reign Breeding Philosophy, Requirements, and To Do before you buy.

New* So you think you want a dog?  - because getting a dog is a big deal. 

Article: "Using psychology to be a responsible breeder and combating kennel blindness" coming soon - Responsible breeders are NOT graded by how long they have been breeding, how many puppies they sell, and how many CH titles they bring home. 

New: Puppy Application

One of the most informative sites about breeding and dogs: Woodhaven Labs

Continue to METHODS , Temperament, Structure, Health, Type , Drive or Working ability (coming soon, though briefly discussed below)

Continue to Crash Course In Genetics

Continue to Nature VS Nurture

Continue to  OFA vs. PennHip

Continue to Application

Continue to Online Breeder Questionnaire - Roman Reign is very dedicated to preserving the breed and will do all to ensure that all puppies produces are place into loving homes.  We also do take breeding VERY seriously, putting aside dog club politics. 

Philosophy - GSMD and L÷wchen 

Health Clearances Required for Roman Reign Dogs (Passing or Normal)

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: CERFs, OFA Patellas, Elbows, Shoulders, Hips (or PennHip of at least 80% if no OFA Hip report).  Read why here. 

Lowchens: yearly CERFS and OFA Patellas

And we are STRONG believers that a well-balanced dog as titles on both ends.  We do not believe in breeding exclusively for just a single trait.  Rather we hope to breed to improve in the weaker qualities, and accentuating the stronger qualities of a dog - producing a well-rounded, well-balanced, stable dog that can perform the breed's historical functions. 

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are a working breed that requires more than just food and a place to go potty.  These animals were bred to work - herding, carting, drafting, packing and weight pulling.  Weighing up to 140 lbs, these dominant creatures are not your ordinary dogs.  If you are interested in owning a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, please do your research starting at the following sites listed in the site map.  You can never know too much about a breed.  There are many people who will breed without regard to health, temperament, type, or structure even if they say they do.  Please keep in mind that the perpetuation of a breed is to improve it for the purpose they were bred to do A purebred Swissy that cannot function in a working environment is just as useful as being a mixed breed.  

    Roman Reign believes in thoroughly researching each line (including littermates, 1/2 siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc....) before breeding.  It is important that there are minimal cases of epilepsy in lines that are to be bred as it is a disease that can cause serious damage.  

    We also hold the highest standards for temperament.  We will not consider a breeding dog who is not true to the Swissy standard.  Fear, shyness, active unprovoked aggression, or other neurologically based temperament problems are NOT acceptable for breeding.  Not only does Roman Reign strive to improve the breed, we are striving to educate others about what is acceptable behavior in a guarding breed.  Guarding does NOT mean aggressive.  Dominant does NOT mean aggressive.  Don't let poor breeders into fooling you that aggressive, neurotic, or unstable temperament is okay.   This is NOT true.  Temperament is our TOP priority.  One can live with a mismarked dog.  One can live with a lame dog.  But one cannot live with a dangerous dog.  This goes for our L÷wchen as well though there are not as many issues in the breed.  

    We do NOT believe that breeding is a crap shoot.  While genetics is never 100% predictable, you can stack the dogs in your favor.  Good breeding practices can lower the chances of your litter having x,y, or z.  Issues can still crop up.  That's life.  It is a box of chocolates.  But it is how a breeder handles these issues that crop up that truly show character.  People who use the excuse that breeding is just a crap shoot are just making up excuses or covering up issues.  

    If you are considering Roman Reign as a potential stud, please do your research as it will be asked and verified.  All other OFA clearances will be required as well (hips and elbows at a minimum). Please fill out our Online Breeder Questionnaire or view it as a Word Document.  This questionnaire can be used by new puppy buyers when looking for a puppy or by parties who are interested in breeding.  Some of the questions are geared toward Newfies.  

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