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We train with Dick Shumer through Capital Canine Carting Club in Austin, TX.  Classes are generally 3 hours ever Saturday morning at Walnut Creek Park.  He's truly taught me pretty much everything I know about dogs.  From cart making, obedience tricks, water rescue, to how to put a jack on a trailer, he's got all the answers.  Here's some pics of us in action.  

Working Dog Equipment

Canine Draft Work - Online guide to drafting

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Draft Manual Photos

Carting/Drafting is a highly involved sport.  While many dogs can be hooked up to a cart and pull forward, we believe that handlers and dogs must be well-trained before practical use.  Handlers must learn to correctly harness a dog, balance a load, and hitch a dog.  Many dogs are not able to side-step or pivot the cart.  I have seen many times where incorrect hitching or loading of a cart can be harmful to a dog, even passing draft test.  Please do your homework to avoid injury. 

Basil and Marnie (Portuguese Water Dog) going for a ride. 


Showing off the Lion Cuts.


Mouse playing goofball.  He's good at that!  with judges Linda Roser and Ron Horn. HANC 2006 pics taken by Ashley. 


Okay, time to pose for real.  With judges Linda Moser and Ron Horn


Now with the Newfs!  L to R, Ron Horn, Susie, Salty, Orca, Isaboo, Phalcor, Gary, Me, Mouse, and Linda Roser. 



Mouse drinks.  Everyone found it amusing. 


Don't ask about the leaves!


Around the tree!

Up the Hill


I see you!


Mouse saying "throw some cash into the jug!"

Hermes (DiBartolo), Breanna (Lambden), Mouse, and Katja (Price) 

Mouse, Smoke (Bascom), and Caddy (Solate) being cutie pies. 

Mouse and Eiger (Capelli) at Fala's Halloween Party

Dick and Merri Schumer with Chase (LunchBox) on the freight haul with Judge Rick Humphrey.

Dick and Chase getting ready for the maneuvering course.