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All proceeds go towards funding working activities supported and sponsored by Roman Reign. 

Canine Draft Work Blog - Online guide to drafting (also called carting)

Watch our instructional draft videos here.

Custom designed training carts - $190 for standard carts (for dogs 20 inches to 30 inches at the shoulder).   Modifications may be extra.

Sturdy milk crate carts for easy training. Wood platforms also available.  Available for dogs as small as 20 lbs.  

  • Light weight aluminum shafts
  • Crates come in Blue, White, Red, Yellow, and Black
  • Wheel size of your choice
  • Shafts are removable for easy transport 
  • Please specify size of your dog (shoulder height, length from withers to croup, and hock height)
  • Suitable for draft tests.  
  • Standard milkcrate carries up to 150lbs.  
  • Narrow width great for tests. 
  • Small size fits very easy to transport.  Weighs only 15 lbs.

Mouse in his training cart. Carries up to 100 lbs.  Weighs only 15 lbs.

Basil and her cart.  For dogs 12-20 inch dogs at the withers.  

Training cart for 25 lb dog.  No shafts attached yet.  

Red Milkcrate Cart made for a Swissy - weighs 15 lbs. Carries up to 100 lbs.  

Wagon Shafts only - $70 + shipping shown with old brakes


  • Customized to your dog and wagon. 
  • Includes extra set of brakes.  
  • Breaks down into 3 easy to transport pieces with a Phillips screwdriver.  
  • Straight or bent out at the ends - your choice. 
  • Can be made to break down into 2 ft long piece

Wagon shafts for 27 inch tall dog.  

Shafts broken down into 3 easy to transport parts.  

Brakes or Hold-backs- $15 per pair +shipping. 

Adjustable with hex key.  Perfect on DogWorks vehicles and Roman Reign equipment. 

Extra Shafts for Training carts or Customized Competition Cart (1.5 lbs each) - $35 each pair. Perfect on DogWorks vehicles and Roman Reign equipment. 

Roman Reign does not produce this cart pictured.  This cart was  lovingly built by Michael Starn of Old Dominion Buggy Works.  540-439-8091


Pricing for Custom Cart and Custom Wagon options

Item Price Description
Wagon Shafts for radio flyer wagons $70 each + shipping Sized to fit your dog.  Used to get your dog accustomed to shafts.
Harnesses $55 + shipping Fitting Info
Single Trees and Double Trees $15 & $40 + Shipping Sized to fit your dog
Brakes or Hold-backs $15 + shipping per pair  
Training Cart $190 for standard (fits dogs 20 -32 inches at shoulder) + shipping.  Modifications extra. Milkcrate style or wooden base.  

Copyright 2002 Jennie Chen All images and articles are copyrighted.  Unauthorized use is strictly Prohibited.

*Training and working your dog in any activity carries inherent risk.  Roman Reign is not liable for injuries that may occur while using RR equipment.  It is the responsibility of the handler to ensure the safety of his/her dog at all times, and to practice safe working techniques.  Roman Reign is always available for training consultations or safety guidelines.