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When Mouse first got involved in drafting in Dec. 03, he’s always had home made custom designed vehicles.  I believe in handcrafting vehicles out of love getting all the specifications you want and decor to suit your tastes.  After crafting many vehicles, we are happy to custom craft drafting equipment, rent out weight pull equipment, and produce obedience rings/crowd barriers for sale or rental.  All equipment is waterproof, lightweight, and easily assembled.   We also carry siwash carting and siwash freight harnesses.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Production can be as quick as same day, however, this is subject to availability.   Email us to place an order.   Orders will not be processed until we have received your specifications.  Checks and PayPal (with 3% fee) are accepted.  If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, then your email got lost in cyberspace.  Don’t hesitate to call or email. :o)

Carting/Drafting is a highly involved sport.  While many dogs can be hooked up to a cart and pull forward, we believe that handlers and dogs must be well-trained before practical use.  Handlers must learn to correctly harness a dog, balance a load, and hitch a dog.  Many dogs are not able to side-step or pivot the cart.  I have seen many times where incorrect hitching or loading of a cart can be harmful to a dog, even passing draft test.  Please do your homework to avoid injury.  Online Canine Drafting / Carting Guide here.

All proceeds go towards funding working activities supported and sponsored by Roman Reign.

*Training and working your dog in any activity carries inherent risk.  Roman Reign is not liable for injuries that may occur while using RR equipment.  It is the responsibility of the handler to ensure the safety of his/her dog at all times, and to practice safe working techniques.  Roman Reign is always available for training consultations or safety guidelines.  The handler assumes all responsibility for risks that may occur.


Roman Reign does not produce this cart pictured.  This cart was  lovingly built by Michael Starn of Old Dominion Buggy Works.  540-439-8091


Item Price Description
Stickers $5 each +shipping
Tee Shirts $13 each + shipping
Harnesses (weight pull from Alaskan Dream) $60 + shipping Fitting Info
Lightweight training shafts $25 each + shipping Sized to fit your dog.  Used to get your dog accustomed to shafts.
Single Trees and Double Trees $15 & $40 + Shipping Sized to fit your dog
Brakes or Hold-backs $15 + shipping per pair
Training Carts for Small dogs and Big Dogs $190 for standard (fits dogs 20 -32 inches at shoulder) + shipping.  Modifications extra. Milkcrate style or wooden base.  Suitable for draft tests.
Wagon Shafts $70 + shipping 4′ longest piece, depends on size of dog
Weight Pull Equipment Rental $200 per weekend with deposit

Mouse decides to go through the course sans handler. 


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