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Harnessing Troubleshooting:


Cart shafts sway from side to side as dog moves - 1. Check to make sure that the traces are snug.  2. Narrow width between the shafts. 3 Tighten cinch loop and shaft loops. 

Cart shafts bounce up and down as dog moves - 1. Tighten cinch loops and shaft loops.

Cart tilts forward - 1. center weight in cart over axle (2 wheeled/ single axle cart)  2. Move shafts up by moving up shaft loops on the harness.  3. Lower cart. 



  • Harness checks
  • Hitching checks
  • Mechanics of hitching
  • Carting building tips
  • Traversing up hills
  • Teaching the side step
  • How to fix a cart
  • How to harness


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