“A well-built dog can do anything.”  – Pat Hastings  – Because we believe that any physically sound dog should be able to enjoy dog sports. 


and for those who compete with small dogs (or even big ones) –

“A well-conditioned and well-built performance dog makes the best toy!”  See Mouse IS a toy after all!

Recommended Readings:

We will have a list of upcoming activities currently available at Texas Working Dog yahoo group.  Loaner harnesses and equipment now available.  We have also given rides at picnics, celebrations, dog shows, carnivals, and parties.  Book us to give rides at your next event! Email for more info.  If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, then your email got lost in cyberspace.  Don’t hesitate to call or email. :o)

Obedience :  Remember to check www.AKC.org and www.onofrio.com


Around the tree! HANC 2006 pics taken by Ashley. 

Biel (Capelli), Mouse, and Eiger (Capelli) taking a break from hiking  at Pace Bend

Mouse and his bumper

Mouse giving some goats a run for their money

Look at those ears go!


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