Maximus has attended International Shows and earned his International Championship at 19 months.  Following are 4 critiques from the show.  For more info about FCI style shows, an article follows.

Recent events: Mouse takes a Group Two at the International Dog Show in Hutto, TX under judge Margaret Alhino – Jan. 2, 2005.  

International Show – FCI Style

On Jan 31st and Feb 1st, 2 Southbound Swissies strutted their stuff at an International show in Austin, TX.  International shows are very different from AKC shows.  They judge rare breeds that are not recognized by the AKC as well as very young (and cute) puppies.  In terms of the atmosphere, it is extremely relaxed.

The showing on the handler’s part is very similar to AKC style shows.  We get in the ring, stack the dog, do a down and back, and trot around the ring.  The judge’s role, however, is very different.  After watching the dog for a little while, the judge has the handler sit with the dog nearby.  This gives the judge an opportunity to get a really good idea of the dog’s temperament and behavior in a relaxed environment.

So, the weekend went like this – Mouse and Eiger went to carting class.  At noon we unhitched, packed up our carts and harnesses, and rushed over to the Triple Crown Training facility.  Still wearing our jeans and sweatshirts, Pam and I got our proper paperwork and got ready for the ring.  The judge asked for our folders which consisted of blank certificates, judges’ forms, and applications.  We both go into the ring and stack up.  The judge gives the dogs a quick look over then sends us trotting around the ring.  We stack up again and the judge gives the dog an exam similar to the AKC style, except more thorough.  One judge even pinched a bundle of hair off of Maximus’s shoulders and flicked (thumped) on the rear muscles to assess muscle mass.  Then we do a few down and backs.

Next we’re asked to have a seat close to the judge as he writes a critique for our dog according to the standard.  At this point, the judge looks for temperament and Maximus starts playing with the judge.  During this portion, dogs are not expected to be stacked up or posed.  The dogs usually relax and just hang out with the judge.  After writing our critique, the judge moves on to the next dog and handler.  Pam and Eiger sit next to the judge for their critique.  Both of us, receive a V1 – which is the top rating for an adult dog.  Then the judge assigns which dog goes onto groups.  Both Mouse and Eiger each earn the opportunity to compete in the group ring and showed excellently.  It was a great day for Swissies.

Repeat this type of showing 2 more times and our weekend is complete.  Both Maximus and Eiger earn V1 ratings under 3 separate judges qualifying them for an International Champion title.  Though it was only my first experience with an FCI style show, its definitely a refreshing change from the more formal and less interpersonal AKC style shows.  Plus we got free ProPlan towels and medals!

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