Here’s a diner to dive for: Monument Cafe.  You might have remember my post about the Monument Cafe (@monumentcafe) chocolate pie a few months ago.  That pie paired with 512 Pecan Porter is amazing.  @windaddict/@hopsafari and I took a little trip up to visit Monument Cafe up in Georgetown, TX.  Monument Cafe is in a new location (bigger) just a few blocks away from its original location.  The old location will soon be turned into a market (yay!).  The new location is not only bigger, but it also will be home to a large sprawling garden.  The herbs are out in the front of the cafe, and the back of the cafe will be home to the vegetables.  Enjoy the photos and stayed tuned for more news on the Monument Cafe. Thank you to Monument Cafe for having us in for a delightful lunch.  Photos by John M. P. Knox.

Look at that beautiful broccoli.  That is some gorgeous broccoli.

The cauliflower is just at beautiful as the broccoli.

And some lovely chard.

Here’s the front of the cafe, which is appropriately in black and white.

The inside was modern yet with that nostalgic diner feel.

I ordered the fried whole cat fish (with bone), and it was pretty fantastic.  I’m not a huge deep fried seafood fan, but this fish was crunchy and delicious.  Have this catfish, and you won’t want to go back to nuggets.  Now the problem with Monument Cafe is the GIGANTIC vegetable selection.  Picking out the sides wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but we had some help with recommendations.

We also had the quiche with sweet potato fries and the squash casserole.  I’m pretty sure that @windaddict/@hopsafari wolfed down most of the quiche before I had a decent sampling.  I did manage to sneak some hot fries and heartwarming squash casserole.

And last but not least, a chocolate malt made with house made frozen custard.  @windaddict/@hopsafari and I are huge fans of malts, and this one filled our malt craving.  If you’re craving some comfort diner food,Monument Cafe is well worth the drive.

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