Basil and her new cart. 

Heckling the neighbors – 3 years old. 

Mouse, Karin C., Helen, and Karen W. after Helen’s Graduation. 

Find Mouse.  Is that a dog or a statue?

Mouse, Smoke (Bascom) , & Caddie (Solate)

Hermes (DiBartolo), Breanna (Lamden), Mouse, and Katja (Price)

My best friend and best drinking buddy – Zilker’s Botanical Garden, Austin, TX

To pull or not to pull?

Mouse getting riled up!

Look at those ears go!

Basil giving it a go.

Mouse (3 years) being cute at the Waco Convention Center

Mouse BAROOO-ing.  



Mouse playing goofball.  He’s good at that!  with judges Linda Roser and Ron Horn. HANC 2006 pics taken by Ashley. 


Okay, time to pose for real.  With judges Linda Moser and Ron Horn


Now with the Newfs!  L to R, Ron Horn, Susie, Salty, Orca, Isaboo, Phalcor, Gary, Me, Mouse, and Linda Roser. 



On the long haul.  What am I saying to him?


And exercise finished!!!  New Draft Dog!


Mouse drinks.  Everyone found it amusing. 


Don’t ask about the leaves!


Pull, baby, pull!


Around the tree!


Mouse saying “throw some cash into the jug!”




Miss Basil at Lake Somerville after a swim and a dig in the sand


Mouse at the River City Cluster Shows July 06.  Picture by Bobby J.



Jennie and the Girls at San Antonio.  Picture by Bobby J.


Below are some rare pics from the Houston Reliant shows.  Did I mention how difficult it is to show 2 coated breeds, run a booth, do cart rides at the same time, and take pics?


Mouse says, “Oh, that’s the spot!”


Mouse getting some loving

Mouse and his Berner girlfriends, Divot and Stormy (Solate)



Mouse and his new cart by Michael Starn – Old Dominion Bugywork

Wanna go for a Ride?


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