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Not another pop up! 8 weeks

Maximus at 2 years waiting to go through his draft course.

Getting babysat by Dr. Singh  at 8 weeks left  15 weeks right

Wag my tail, wag my tail.

Posing at 10 months.

Mouse taking a break from Drafting.

Mouse and Brother Eiger (Capelli) at 8 months.

2 year old Birthday party!  L to R – Eiger (Capelli), Biel (Capelli), Booger (Beauregard), and Mouse.

L to R – Eiger (Capelli), Biel (Capelli), and Mouse

Maximus professing his love to Biel (Capelli).  She brushes him off!

Running around in Florida.  I’m coming to get you!

Mouse with Mom after a hard day of work.

Take a nap already. Mouse, Bella (des), and J.J. (adopted).

Mouse and Zeus (adopted) – Bestest Buds.  Hey!  Be my Pillow!

Dawn (Garis), Mouse and Trooper (adopted)

Mouse and Mom (20 months)

Hey!  Who shrunk my feet?

Pictures with Santa at the Texas Department of Transportation Christmas Party!


Mouse modeling his keg.

Mouse being comfortable on the bouncy boxing ring thing.  


Mouse was a St. Bernard for Halloween. 

Mouse giving Rides

Taking a Break

Mouse hanging out with Abby (SARquest)


Picture Page 2


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