Here’s a NEW find for me, but not a new Austin Restaurant.  I was invited to a media tasting at Sienna Ristorante Toscana located close to the 2222 and 360 intersection.  The physical restaurant is beautiful, rich with architectural stories embedded into the walls.  Chef Harvey Harris is full of stories and surprises.  He invited me to hunt wild boar.  He gets a gold star for fun!

The dinner started off our usual fun – whipping out the camera. Here’s the lovely Michelle Cheng

This was one of my favorite appetizers.  Bacon wrapped scallop and grilled figs!!! My heart skipped a beat.

This next dish is brasato di cinghiale – otherwise known as braised wild boar.  It was juicy and hearty, perfect for a Winter evening.

Pan-fried cheese with marinara – like an uber fancy fried cheese.

Lovely ravioli with tangy sauce.

This was one of my favorite – Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.  If you haven’t tried homemade pasta, it is a different experience.  Subtle, but noticeable.  I can only describe it as being more pliable.  It is also definitely different from packaged “fresh” pasta.

And the evening ended with dessert: tiramisu, goat cheese panna cotta, and a flourless chocolate cake.  A big thanks to Chef Harvey for inviting us our for a lovely evening in Toscana.  This is definitely a restaurant to visit again.

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