My other hobby.  Nothing much on this page as I had ankle surgery soon after becoming addicted to skating again.  I hope to be back on wheels by August of 2008.  For now, random links, videos, and pics.

Ice Skating & Slalom Freestyle Skating

Naomi Griggs – badass slalom skater

Vincent Vuvankha – awesome slalom skater

Dan Pervecal – XtremeIceSkating – chat with other slalom skaters

Ice Ramps – Aggressive Ice Skating

Skate Log Forums – chat with other skaters

Slalom Videos – From Universkate


Skating Badminton.


Who says we can’t combine sports?





Me skating, Mouse barking, Two drunk guys running around the slalom course.  This was taken the night before my ankle surgery.  I’m trying to build muscle before 2 months of sitting on my rear. 

Basil skating with Dave (Code Monkey)





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