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Passion Fruit Bliss - Fun

Equal parts of  Orange Juice, Passion Fruit Juice, Club Soda.  Shot of Orange liquor.  Don't shake in a martini shaker.  It will foam up. Serve over ice.

Adjust amount of orange liquor as you see fit.  Or add vodka if you need the extra ethanol boost.  

I get the passion fruit juice in the frozen juice section.  :oP 


Nutella and Banana Sammies - Yum!

2 slices of bread (any kind, I like wheat)

1 banana, sliced

raw almond butter (peanut butter is okay, but almond butter is where it's at)

nutella (as much as you want!)

butter, real butter

dash of cinnamon, optional


Coat one slice of bread with nutella.  Coat other slice of bread with raw almond butter.  Placed sliced bananas on one side, and close up the sammie.  In a non-stick pan, add butter over medium heat.  When the butter is melted, place sammich on top and let it toast up.  When the break is GBD (golden brown and delicous), flip and fry the other side.  Add butter if needed.  Note that the nutella will get very hot and drippy.  It might burn you when you flip the sammich.