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    Structure and type are the last 2 areas to examine when breeding.  Structure and type go hand in hand as both are necessary but not sufficient.  Structure describes how well a dog is put together.  Structure is important because the right parts need to be put together in a certain way at certain angles for it to function properly.  Itís like having a table that is put together well, or having a table with 1 short leg.  It will not function well and eventually wear out the table prematurely.  There are a plethora of items laid out in the breed standard that have to do with how structure relates to function. 

   For example: high shoulders not only hinder reach, but the dog is also unable to pull carts.  Long backs compromise endurance.  High tail sets compromise endurance and low tail set compromises rear movement.  The list goes on and on.  The point is not to take structure lightly, but to also let the little cosmetic things go.  Ear set, though it can make a dog look really beautiful or not, it has no effect on working ability. 

Also, aside from politics, the type of structure that wins in the conformation ring isn't always the correct structure as described in the standard.  That type of structure is usually detrimental to how a Swissy should function.  Take this into consideration when evaluating structure.  Top winning dogs are NOT always the most structurally sound. 


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