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    Type is the essence of a breed ó it is the shape, the size, and the coat type, indeed it is everything, which makes a breed recognizable from another.  For Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs according to the standard, the dog should be a heavy boned giant breed with great presence.  A large and full head with a deep chest and well-muscled body make a Swissy a Swissy.  It is not 4 legs with a head, that description could fit any dog.  The Swissy is a giant working breed, not a gazelle-like breed.  It makes no sense to breed perfect structure if type is compromised. 

   A full-grown 60 lb Swissy is not a Swissy, itís a sissy to be frank.  60 lb Swissies do not pull carts all day or pack heavy weights.  Thin boned dogs do not have the muscle capacity to work.  These type-less dogs are not able to work- therefore, not improving the breed.


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