Roman Reign Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Lowchens – Working Heritage, Devoted Hearts

Roman Reign is the home of Austin Dog FriendlyTM,Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Lowchens, and a research scientist turned techie.  We’re located in Minneapolis, MN with roots in Austin, TX. We specialize in raising Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Lowchens for sports, service work, and most of all family pets.

All of our Lowchen puppies are currently placed. Our next litter of available Lowchen puppies will be in late 2019. Our next litter of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies is planned for late 2019/early 2020.

Vision X Moji litter born on April 25, 2019.


If you’d like to join us for some training fun, check out our working dog page to join us for training, check out other hobbies (above), and contact us via social media (links on bottom left panel) to chat.  We teach dog drafting / carting classes and judge IWPA weight pulls. Join us at the Texas Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Facebook Page. All breeds welcome.

Our therapy dog, Mouse. Mouse served at Brackenridge and Marbridge Ranch. He’s also the first water rescue dog of the breed.


Porter and Midge

Mouse – Photo from Jan. 2009.


Roman Reign does not produce this cart pictured.  This cart was  lovingly built by Michael Starn of Old Dominion Buggy Works.  540-439-8091