Puppy Application

Please complete an application to be considered for one of our puppies. You can complete and submit the Jotform below or email a completed PDF. Jennie@romanreign.com.  You can read over our FAQ for more details about Roman Reign Puppies.

*Puppies are not placed based on a first come first serve basis. It is in the best interest of the puppy to be placed in a home with a lifestyle that is appropriate for the puppy’s energy level and personality. Please fully answer the questionnaire so that we can match you with a puppy that suits your family.

*The price of our puppies reflect our financial commitments to each breed club, the value of health testing, puppy culture protocol training, and lifetime support that we offer our homes. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent companion with our support from puppyhood, adulthood, and into the golden years. Our ability to provide support involves our constant education on canine health, participation in canine sports, and ongoing education and evolution in training.

*We typically respond within 48 hours. If you have not gotten a response via email within 48 hours, it was lost in the interwebs. Please send another email with specific subject line to avoid being caught in the spam filters.

*Puppies are not available on a first come basis. Each puppy is a special part of our home, and our goal is to place each puppy in the best fit home possible.

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