DIY Recirculating Bather for Dogs

Keeping lowchen in show coat requires baths. A clean coat is a coat that grows, and the right tools can make baths quick and easy. A few years ago, I purchased an Oster recirculating bather, and it has been a life changer. I can bathe 6 Lowchen in 20 minutes, and the amount of shampoo and conditioner I use has been drastically reduced.

The Oster is rather large, heavy, and expensive. While it is a great for at home use, I wanted to have something that was easy to transport. After looking through a few other existing articles and researching products, I came up with this list that makes for a very affordable recirculating bather. While prices might fluctuate, you are likely very able to purchase these items for less than $100 total.

1. Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump, 1/4 HP, Black – I like this one because it already has a screen on the bottom for large debris and long hair, and it works in as little as 1/8 inch of water. It is fairly light as well.You might need an additional screen for short coated and double coated dogs.

2. Foot operated switch – This one is extremely simple to use and at a great price.

3. Short flexible garden hose – any length is fine. 5 ft seems to be the sweet spot for long enough for big dogs, but short enough for travel.

4. Garden nozzle with flow control valve – any type will work here. Since I have a drop coated breed, I wanted one that was adjustable and not too forceful.


1. Attach the hose nozzle to the hose.

2. Attach the hose to the top of the pump. If you don’t do this first, you will have a wild volcano of water shooting all of there place. I tested it without a hose to start.

3. Plug the pump into the foot switch. It isn’t critical to have one of these, but for $22, you will be glad that you can turn off/on the pump without leaving the pump. Make sure the foot pedal is situated in a way where it can stay relatively dry. Or you can put a small washcloth over it when using it. You’ll want to prevent water from getting into the plugs.

4. Plug in the foot switch to the power outlet. Do be aware that your dog might step on the pedal and turn it on. I usually unplug mine from the wall when not in use.

5. Depending on the type of tube you are using, you may need a stopper. I use a 1 to 1 3/8 inch stopper with a booster bath.

All of these parts fit in an easy to carry plastic tote!

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