Lowchen Service Dogs

Available Service Dog Prospect (Public Access Ready): Beeyonce is 5 years old, spayed, and excellent in public. Her OFAs are available for viewing here. She easily stays with her handler, responds to commends, and engaged with the person handling her. She would need task training depending on handler need. She is currently located in Minneapolis, MN, and is in a short puppy haircut.


Can small breed dogs be service dogs? What small non-shedding breed can be a service dog? Are you looking for a focused, handler focused, smart, non-shedding dog that is more versatile than a multi-tool?

Enter the Lowchen. For individuals who need a pint sized service dog, a Lowchen can be a wonderful option. They are large enough to fetch items, strong enough to open and pull open doors, and highly attuned to their people. The breed is quick to pick up new skills, excellent sniffers, and they are highly focused on their people. In addition to having the ideal temperament for a service dog, they are non-shedding with very few health problems. Handlers can reliably expect 10+ years of service as Lowchen often have lifespans into their late teens.

With two decades with Lowchen, it is our assessment that the Lowchen with temperaments in accordance with the standard, raised in an enriching environment, and with consistent foundation training are excellence candidates for:

  • Psych work
  • Diabetic Alert
  • Seizure Alert
  • Hearing Assistance
  • Fetching tasks
  • Allergen Detection (nut, gluten, etc…)

All of our litters of both breeds are raised with the goals of setting a solid foundation for possible service work. We start grooming, socializing, creativity, communication, and public outings at a young age, safely. Our goal is to develop confident, handler focused dogs who can quickly and reliably solve problems.

We work with individuals needing service dogs in a variety of capacities. Some individuals wish to entirely self-train (with or without their own trainer) and some prefer to rely on us and our network of trainers to provide training beyond our litter raising protocols. We are happy to discuss with individuals and trainers if the Lowchen is an ideal breed for specific service needs. Call or text: 512-981-7627 or email us at jennie@romanreign.com. This article is a great primer to start learning about the breed.

*There is someone right below the scale to ensure that it stays balanced to ensure the puppy’s safety.

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