Lowchen Product Size Recommendations

What size collar and harness should I get for my Lowchen? Here are some typical sizes.

8 week old puppy: 5 inch neck, 9 inch widest part of ribs

6 month old puppy: 8 inch neck, 14 inch widest part of ribs

4 year old: 11 inch neck, 18 inch widest part of ribs

What size bag should I get for them to travel on the plane in cabin? If you are traveling often, I prefer a large Sturdibag.

What size crate do I need for an adult? Crates that are about 24 inches in length work really well for adults. This translates into 200 size East Coast Crates or Impact Crates. A mid-size Ruffland or small Ruffland would work for many Lowchen. Size 200 or 250 Varikennels work well.

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