Purchasing FAQ’s:

What type of payments do you accept? 

Roman Reign accepts checks, money orders, and PayPal (with 3% fee).  Checks MUST be made out to Jennie Chen.  Email to place your order.

Why is there no automatic checkout option? 

Orders will not be processed until we have received your specifications.  Though we have standard sizes on our equipment, we’d still prefer to have contact with customers prior to construction.

Why are there different prices for different options?  

All carts of made to your specs.   Materials, painting, and labor will differ greatly.  Also, you may order plain carts and decorate yourself.  If you want to order, please contact us, and we can give you a quote.

Carts and Harnesses are not returnable as they are custom made to your specs. Please allow 4-5 weeks for production for carts, harnesses, and draft course.  Roman Reign is always available to assist you if you have questions about the equipment or training.

How do I contact Roman Reign? 

Email – Jennie@romanreign.com  If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, then your email got lost in cyberspace.  Don’t hesitate to call or email. :o)

Day phone – 979-823-8223

Cell – 512-659-9190

Long-distance phone calls will be returned after 7pm central time.


Carts, Wagons,Shafts, and Accessories

Draft Course

Weight Pull Equipment Rental

Obedience Equipment

IWPA Hosting

Working Dog Tee Shirts

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Sticker Decals

General FAQs

Who: Jennie Y. Chen, Maximus (Mouse), a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and Basil (Nat./Am. CH Taywil Brilliant Roman Basilia) and Holly (Int. CH Lowport Safari Holly), Lowchens.  Mouse is otherwise known as: Multi. Int. /Am. CH Dixieland Blazing Maximus, CGC, HIT, SS, SWET, WETT, HIC, WETX, WTXX, WPD.


Mouse and Mom at 7.5 weeks old

I’m also a judge for the International Weight Pull Association and the current Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America Ways and Means Chair.

Why: I love large breed dogs and especially like to work.  So it was natural that I fell love with Swissies.  Having done rescue work for a long period of time, I feel that it is my duty to preserve the breed that I had originally fell for – in type, temperament, and health.   I hope that this site might educate others in Swissies, breeding in general, and get people involved in working with their dogs.

So why the Löwchens?  I first met Pistol Pete (owned by Barbara Cecil), and just had to have one.  They have the personality in of a big dog in a little dog body.  The only difference between Basil and Mouse is about 120 lbs and some hair.

Why Roman Reign: The historians of Swissies claims that they were developed from Roman War dogs (molossers).  These dogs eventually developed into the large European breeds including mastiffs, rotties, and bernards.  I chose a  name that goes back to the roots of the breed and also reflects the breed’s function and temperament – bold and powerful.

Where: Currently in Central Texas.

What are your articles based on?:  I’m formally trained in social psychology with a research interest in behavioral neuroendocrinology in topics ranging from human social phenomenon, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning.  I’ve taught many psychology courses at major universities (since 2002), and have a background in biobehavioral research as well as training in behavioral genetics.  My other research areas and interests are marketing and management (applied social psychology), hierarchical linear modeling (and quadratic modeling at that), mating strategies, intimate relationships, health psychology, group dynamics, message framing, attitude and behavior change, and social dominance behaviors.

When: I’ve been interested in the breed since Summer of 2001.  Got my first Swissy in July of 2002.  I’ve also been a volunteer for Gold Ribbon Rescue since 2001.  Basil came in July 2005, and Holly in Sept. 2005.

What: We are not a kennel nor into producing many litters (first löwchen litter possibly in 2007) .  I have a GSMD male who is currently drafting, packing, water rescue, working on obedience, a little herding, and special in conformation.  We also handcraft draft vehicles and courses.  I also have two Löwchens who are also active in weight pull, packing, drafting, and conformation.

We founded a working dog club for those who are interested in weight pull, packing, drafting, water work, and therapy dog. See SouthWest Working Dog Association. The club hosts weight pulls and working fairs on occasion.  The purpose of the club is to allow dog owners of any breed an opportunity to participate in activities, keep a relatively updated calendar of events so all can join in, and tips on how to train for the various activities.   We also give cart rides at local picnics, outdoor celebrations, dog shows, parties, and carnivals.  Email to book us at your next event.


Copyright ©2002 Jennie Chen, M. S. All images and articles are copyrighted.  Unauthorized use is strictly Prohibited.


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