The complement the recent greater Swiss Mountain Dog Health Survey on the OFA website (, I’ve created a graph of American Kennel Clubregistrations by year broken down into dogs and litters.

*1995 was the first year of registrations for the GSMD. There were not 931 dogs born that year. Many of those dogs (adults mostly) were registered for the first time with AKC in 1995. It is more representative of the number of actual Swissies in the US as opposed to number of puppies only.

*There are some dogs that are not registered. I’m would make a very rough estimate of 5-15% based on the number of people I know with registered / unregistered dogs. You can make your own estimates and apply them to AKC’s records.*Not all dogs are registered because people forget to register their dogs or the “breeders” don’t find registration valuable.

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