What dogs look like a small doodle?

A common question that Lowchen owners are asked is “Is that a Mini Doodle?”

*To be fair, I’ve also been asked why my Poodle had weird hair and if I have a Chinese Crested.

It is perfectly understandable why someone might misidentify a Lowchen as doodle with just a quick glance. They are small in size, appear to have hair that continues to grow, and may be in a variety of presented in a variety of pet clips that resemble doodles.

Here’s some comparisons between Lowchen and mini doodles. Check out this page for an deep dive into what it is like to live with a Lowchen.

If you’re looking for a small healthy breed that is great for people with allergies, but you want something other than a doodle, a Lowchen might be for you!

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