Lesson: Harnesses, Harnessing, and Hitching

Lesson: Harnesses, Harnessing, and Hitching
Here’s a video on harnesses and harnessing.  I may make other videos  with more details, but here’s the basics to get you started.

Here’s a video on hitching your dog from a sit position.  It works the  same way from a stand position.  Mouse just happened to be sitting. 

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  1. I'm so glad I found this site! I've done some work dog sledding, but this year wanted to keep pulling though the summer as well. I got a wagon and swiash harness, but was really confused on how it all worked! This video was very very helpful! Thanks so much! I'm aslo glad that I'm not crazy that after a half hour the harness still wasn't quite right. Its nothing like an x-back sledding harness!

  2. I do weight pull with my dogs and the harnesses are sooooo much easier!

    It takes a good 1-2 hours every time I get a new harness to adjust. 30 minutes is nothing!

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