Mouse packs quite often.  The pack we have now is the Palisades I by Ruff Wear.  Most of our human equipment is from Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI).  Some people follow a training schedule and others don’t.  We don’t.  We just try to do 6 miles a night at least 3-4 times a week during the Fall and Spring.  Check out the working dog page for updates of hikes. and has several packs.

Agile Pooches Pack Review

Basil, Eiger (Capelli), Heidi (Kimbrough), and Hansi (Kimbrough) take a break from hiking at Lake Bastrop





Mouse and Basil take a break at the Bastrop Hike.


Mouse and Basil take a rest.


End of the 16 miles, from L to R: Hansi, Heidi, Basil, and Mouse




Miss Heidi on the Lake Somerville Hike


Basil on the Table

Running through the Branches at Lake Somerville


From L to R: Mouse, Heidi, Basil, Karen, and Hansi


Mouse, Basil, Pam, Eiger (owned by Pam), and Holly at Lake Travis

Biel (Capelli), Mouse, and Eiger (Capelli) taking a break from hiking  at Pace Bend

Lynn w/T-Bone, Me w/Mouse, Pam w/ Eiger and Biel, and David w/ Dramie at Brazos Bend State Park

Finally tired after 15 miles in Big Thicket.  It wasn’t really that bad.  Just tedious.

Check out those rear muscles.  McCombs, MS Thanksgiving weekend. 

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