2023 AKC National Championship Winner

Miss Kiki????, the Löwchen, followed in her grandfather’s footsteps in style with Taffe and Bill McFadden! ????????????

She went Best of Breed everyday in Orlando, and she’ll be on AKC.tv tonight. Target???? did the same in 2019, piloted by Erin Myers. ♥️????????

Thank you???? to all the judges who found our young Lioness????, and thank you to my mentors who set the bar high for me. ????

Kiki ???? is OHBIS Group Winning GCH Suma’s Moonlight Broom Ride. She is bred by Mary B Usery and myself, owned by April Rose, Ruby, and myself. Kiki is Preston x Panda.

Target???? is MISS OHBIS GCHG Musicbox Got Your Six at Roman Reign. He is bred by Jerry Davis and Donna Moore Jones.

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